DbFit 1.0: support for in/out parameters, blank-padded strings and querying stored results

I am pleased to finally announce version 1.0 of DbFit. DbFit is an extension to FIT/FitNesse that makes test-driven database development easy. Version 1.0 (2008-03-10) is a major cleanup release, finally bringing proper documentation for the library as well. Grab it from SourceForge.

Major updates

1. Support for in/out parameters in stored procedures.
2. Support for querying stored results
3. Support for SQL Server 2000 in .NET. Not as complete as Sql Server 2005, but should work in most cases.
4. Support for testing blank-padded fixed length CHAR types.
5. .NET version now compiled with FitNesse.NET 1.5
6. Proper documentation — finally. The documentation is available as PDF and FitNesse (included in the dbfit-complete package) and also online at FitNesse.Info.

Minor updates

1. Oracle date used as Timestamp to allow V8 compatibility switch to work
2. Stored procedure params no longer have to be listed in the same order as in db
3. GUID handler now just redirecting to standard GUID handler in .NET
4. OrderedQuery and StoreParameter fixtures for standalone mode
5. bugfix for transactions not getting rolled back in Java after tests in flow mode
6. bugfix for ntext and text field sizes in sql server
7. bugfix for fail[null] NullPointerException in Java
8. workaround for fail[null] bug in fitnesse.net 1.5
9. Acceptance tests now reorganised better.

Many thanks to Marisa Seal for her help with the documentation and Oscar Centeno for his help with Sql Server 2000 implementation.

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3 thoughts on “DbFit 1.0: support for in/out parameters, blank-padded strings and querying stored results

  1. Hi Gojko nice work done for documenting the new version.
    I checked out the new .pdf documentation. It would hav been even better if u had given example on initializing variables from different places like batch file, fixtures and test pages, as examples on this topic dont exist any where.

  2. Hi Gojko,

    maybe i missed something obvious.

    but how do i stop fitnesse interpreting the double pipe || used in the concatenation of Oracle strings as a new cell in a table?

    Fitnesse markup can be incredibly frustrating.



    +400 automated tests and counting…

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