Dependency injection with Castle Windsor: Video

Here’s the video from the talk on dependency injection with Castle Windsor that Mike Hadlow and I did last month at Skills Matter.

in the first part of the talk, Mike introduces Dependency Injection and explains how to apply that pattern in practice with Castle Windsor. Then he talks about Castle component lifestyles and implementing common architectural and design patterns using Castle Windsor component model. In the second part of the talk, I present strategies how to manage component configuration effectively for production. After that, I explain how to use Castle facilities to extend the framework, integrate third-party services and manage components easier.

download the slides and the source code from the talk.

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3 thoughts on “Dependency injection with Castle Windsor: Video

  1. This WOULD have been enjoyable if the camera operator had actually made an effort to get a better angle on the projector. As it stands, it’s practically unwatchable.

    So, kudos to the presenters… very fine stuff and great information.

    Camera operator, stop touching that thing until you take a few classes on proper perspective… maybe shadow a few people who know what they are doing… etc. It was pathetic.

    I don’t mean to be a dick and I know it was set up on some sort of tripod and left to just record, but seriously… the quality of this video was so diminished simply by lack of foresight in this regard that even though the information is good, i am aprehensive about linking it to peers.

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