Links and Slides from the Specifications Workshops talk at the Software Craftsmanship conference

I had a really great time yesterday at the Software Craftsmanship conference. Jason – thanks a lot for organising it and I am really looking forward to attending the conference next year as well. I was a bit surprised with the interest in my talk on Specification Workshops, especially as it was on a bonus track, added late into the programme. Thanks a lot to everyone attending, especially all those people that decided to stay and stand through the whole thing or sit on the floor once we ran out of chairs. Here are the slides and links that I mentioned in the talk:

Thought-provoking TDD exercise at the Software Craftsmanship conference

Yesterday I attended Keith Braithwaite‘s workshop titled ”TDD as if you meant it” at the Software Craftsmanship 2009 conference, and I found it truly thought provoking. At the start of the workshop I thought that the exercise is plain silly but I publicly take it back: Keith – you really taught me something yesterday and I thank you for that. Continue reading

Looking for an agile games tester…

One of my clients is looking to hire a tester/analyst for their team, to start looking at the testing perspective. The project is a next generation online gaming system, with lots of interesting technologies and offering work at the cutting edge of agile testing. The role will involve creating test plans for the games and the back-end system, helping with test automation, participating in specification workshops and providing a tester’s view at the system, running exploratory tests and generally working closely with developers and business. We’re looking for someone experienced to define the work and help implement it, not someone who will click where told. Knowledge of the online gaming business would be very beneficial, but the right attitude is more important. The environment is completely agile, zero politics. The location is west London. Drop me an e-mail if this sounds interesting.

Opensource .NET “in-the-brains” session on March 23rd: Mocking

The next Opensource .NET “in-the-brain” session at Skills Matter will take place on March 23rd. As announced during the Opensource .NET Exchange, we are trying to get more people from the community involved to present. The session on the 23rd will be devoted to Mocking, and we’ll have two talks.

Abid Quereshi: Introduction to Moq

Pronounced “Mock-You”, Moq is a simple yet powerful .NET Mocking library. Moq makes use of .NET lambda expressions, reducing the amount of test code you will need to write. This presentation will demonstrate Moq and highlight some main differences with other mock object frameworks.

Mike Hadlow: Rhino Mocks and Automocking

In this session, Mike Hadlow gives a quick overview of Rhino Mocks, a popular .NET mock objects library and the new Arrange, Act, Assert syntax provided by that library. He also demonstrates Automocking, a combination of mock objects and dependency injection which helps to write unit tests more efficiently.

The event is free, but up-front registration is required for capacity planning. Sign up on the Skills Matter web site.

Agile Testing (Crispin/Gregory) is a great book, long overdue

It has been a while since I published a book review on this blog, not because I stopped reading but because none of the books that I read meanwhile really stood out. I’m glad to say that Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory finally breaks that trend – it is truly a great book and definitely a must read for anyone serious about quality in agile projects. Continue reading