Upgrading agile development at uSwitch.com: From concept to production in four days

At the agile testing user group meeting yesterday in London, Hemal Kuntawala talked about development strategies and process improvements at uSwitch.com over the last year or so. The start of his experience report reminded me very much of several teams I’ve seen over the last few years, with a process that is seemingly agile with lots of good ideas but also a ton of problems. Judging by the reactions from the audience the situation is very common in development shops today, so his success story is sure to be very encouraging to lots of people out there. Continue reading

How to divide and conquer software projects effectively

During ‘The one thing you need to know’ talk at the Agile Testing Days 09 in Berlin, Mary Poppendieck presented a summary of how software development tried to deal with complexity historically. Poppendieck started by quoting Fred Brooks, who wrote that “Complexity is the enemy in software, inherent complexity software rises exponentially”. Divide and conquer is the traditional solution to this problem, used from the first software projects and still in use today. However, the lines along which the complexity is divided changed and there is still a debate on which way is the best. Continue reading

Specification Workshops slides and links from Agile Testing Days

Here are the slides and links from my presentation on Specification Workshops at Agile Testing Days yesterday.

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