BDD: Busting the myths

Here’s a video of my recent talk at NDC Oslo on Busting the Myths with BDD:

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5 thoughts on “BDD: Busting the myths

  1. +1. It seems to be that some of these are inherent to software (rather than caused by BDD) e.g. throwing money at a problem (e.g. tools/hardware) or local optimization a.k.a. working-in-a-hole to maximize resource utilization. BDD (or Agile or what have you) just seems to make these issues apparent and faster than orthodox approaches..

  2. HI,

    at first great and inspiring talk, thank you very much!

    It forced to look at other similar talks (such as Sleeping with enemy or Visualising Quality) and start to read book Growing object oriented software”. have a question regarding to this book:
    In chapter 1, part “Testing End-to-End” they state that acceptance tests should be End-to-End _including_ the interaction with external services. As much as I understood you are for more isolated acceptance tests. How would you explain this? I believe the book is written by very skilled software developers but your opionion makes a good sense too.



  3. both types of tests are valuable, for different purposes. end-to-end tests show that your system hangs together, but they are not the best for de-risking business functionality. BDD mostly focuses on business functionality, and more focused tests will be cheaper to run and maintain there.

  4. Great talk. It looks like we are slowly evolving with BDD+Exploratory/Crowdsourcing testing as the primary practices especially in the mobile world, but we are starting to see that also for large corporate applications.

    Will be interesting to see how this impacts ultimately outsourcing and the “test center of excellence”.

  5. Hi Gojko, really great talk!!!!
    we just started with BDD, and as you said the firs problem wich are fighting is resolve the communication gap between business and devs, and get really usefull documentation of the system.

    I wrote to you a few days ago about Agiles Latinoamerica 2013, it’s the main gathering about agile software development in latinoamerica it will be in October 2013 in Lima Peru.
    if you are interest to be our keynote or not, please let me know.

    We are exited with the idea to have you in lima the next year


    best regards


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