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London BDD Exchange was a great success, completely sold out and with lots of thought-provoking sessions. Skills Matter were very kind to publish most videos immediately. Instead of a keynote, Dan North, the originator of BDD, and I staged an impromptu discussion about the present and future of BDD. Dan introduced his latest body of work, Accelerated Agile, describing it as accelerating delivery from months to minutes. We argued about the true value of software delivery, should teams aim for enabling business capabilities, and the risk in using these kinds of terms especially when teams declare victory too early. We ended up concluding that the real purpose of software delivery is to create a measurable business impact. Watch the video on the Skills Matter web site. You can also check out Dan’s web site with more information on his work on accelerating agile delivery, both from the perspective of improving team dynamics and organisations around them, and an interview with Dan at StickyMinds, in which he talks about patterns of effective delivery and embracing uncertainty from an organisational perspective.

David Evans did a fantastic talk on using User Stories successfully, from specification, conversation, implementation and testing perspectives. I strongly recommend watching this if your team is working with user stories.

The other videos from the conference are appearing online incrementally, see the conference page for more information and other links.

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