FitNesse book now free online

As of now, the second edition of Test Driven .NET Development with FitNesse is free online. You can download the full PDF version or read the book online in HTML at

What’s new in this version?

Since the book was originally released, both FitNesse and the .NET FIT test runner were improved significantly. All the examples in this book are now updated to be compatible with the latest releases of FitNesse (20091121) and FitSharp (1.4). I re-wrote parts that are no longer applicable to the new FitSharp test runner, especially around Cell Operators. In a classic example of self-inflicted scope creep, I also wrote a new chapter on using domain objects directly.

I also changed the tool used for assembling the book. Instead of Apache FOP, I used XEP which will hopefully make the layout a bit better. Fonts (especially the code font) were also changed to make the book easier to read.

What about the paperback

I will make the paperback available soon. At the moment, the second edition is only available online.

Trinidad 1.0.8 released

Trinidad 1.0.8 is now available. Trinidad is the in-process test runner for FitNesse (java), allowing you to quickly execute, troubleshoot and debug FitNesse tests from your IDE and integrate FitNesse easily with a continuous build system through JUnit or Maven (without running the server). Version 1.0.8 changes include:

  • JUnit Suite Runner (@RunWith) that prints fitnesse test names in JUnit reports (thanks to Johannes Link)
  • Test names in suite results are now now hyperlinks to test outputs (thanks to Björn Beskow)
  • Compatibility with latest FitNesse version (20090513)

For more information, examples and download links see

What is FitNesse and should I use it video

Here’s the video from my presentation “What is FitNesse and should I use it” last month at Skills Matter. In this presentation I present the case for agile acceptance testing, explain why we need a tool such as FitNesse and then briefly demonstrate the most important features of that tool. You can also download the slides from this talk from

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