Upcoming .NET events at Skills Matter: MassTransit, Future of Web development and Mono

The plan for the opensource .NET events at Skills Matter for the following three months is:

All these events are free, but up-front registration is required for capacity planning. Click on individual events to register.

In addition to that, I’ll be running the 3 day Progressive .NET course again on November 11th-13th. The course helps students learn the most important emerging practices in the .NET community such as dependency injection, aspect oriented programming, MVC, object-relational mapping, unit and acceptance TDD and so on, with practical exercises using leading opensource .NET tools such as the Castle stack, NHibernate, MBUnit… For more information and to register, see http://skillsmatter.com/course/open-source-dot-net/opensource-dot-net-tools-crash-course.

Free presentation on Space Based Programming, September 2nd, London

I’m doing a free evening talk on space based programming on September 2nd at Skills Matter.

Space-based architectures are an alternative to the traditional n-tier model for enterprise applications. Instead of a vertical tier partitioning, space based applications are partitioned horizontally into self-sufficient units. This leads to almost linear scalability of stateful, high-performance applications. In this presentation, I’ll talk about space based programming in general and demonstrate how to do that on the .NET platform.

The event is free but up-front registration is required. See http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/open-source-dot-net/space-based-programming/ for more information and to register.

Building software that matters

We had a fantastic discussion on delivering value with software yesterday at Alt.NET UK, centred around two proposed topics: “From concept to cash” and “Building software that matters”. Starting with questions on how do we get to cash quicker, how do we make sure that we’re building the most valuable software possible and how do we measure progress, this open space discussion touched upon some very interesting ideas to improve software processes. Continue reading

Links from the TDD discussion at Alt.NET UK

Here are the links to books and blog posts I mentioned today in the TDD discussion at Alt.NET Uk:

Many of these ideas are explored in more detail in my TDD in practice course, which will start from September at Skills Matter.