QCon London 2009: Final thoughts

QCon London 2009 took place last week at the Queen Elisabeth II conference centre, reconfirming QCon’s place as the undisputed champion of IT conferences in the UK. With a really fantastic line-up of speakers and very strong technical content at the bleeding edge of software development today, the conference managed to attract quite a large audience. I don’t know the official figures but my impression was that 400-500 people were constantly there, which is a real achievement especially since very few companies have money to spend this year on conferences. Continue reading

QCon London 2009: Upgrading Twitter without service disruptions

Evan Weaver from Twitter presented a talk on Twitter software upgrades, titled Improving running components as part of the Systems that never stop track at QCon London 2009 conference last Friday. The talk focused on several upgrades performed since last May, while Twitter was experiencing serious performance problems. Continue reading

QCon London 2009: Slides from Messaging is not just for investment banks

Thanks very much to everyone attending my talk “Messaging is not just for investment banks” today at QCon London 2009. I really hope that you enjoyed it and that it made you think harder on where to use what (especially the folks that raised their hands when I asked who has the patterns I discussed in their code). You can download the slides from my talk from here.

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