How to implement UI testing without shooting yourself in the foot

I’m currently interviewing lots of teams that have implemented acceptance testing for my new book. A majority of those interviewed so far have at some point shot themselves in the foot with UI test automation. After speaking to several people who are about to do exactly that at the Agile Acceptance Testing Days in Belgium a few weeks ago, I’d like to present what I consider a very good practice for how to do UI test automation efficiently. Continue reading

Agile acceptance testing tools roundup videos

Here are the videos from the Agile acceptance testing tools round-up event held on May 27th at Skills Matter in London.

David Peterson on Concordion. Grab the slides.

Elizabeth Keogh on JBehave2

My presentation on FitNesse, TextTest and Robot Framework.
You can grab the slides or read the Robot framework review.

Robot Framework review

This is from my presentation on the Robot Framework at the Agile acceptance testing tools round-up event held on 27 May 2009 at Skills Matter

Robot Framework is a keyword-driven test automation framework which empowers testers to
automate and manage complex workflow scripts very efficiently. It is written in Python and supports scripting Python and Java applications (through Jython), but it also has flexible support for remote execution and different system-under-test libraries which allow it to be used for automating Selenium scripts and tools that are not written in Python.
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Acceptance testing tools round-up

It was a great pleasure to present yesterday on agile testing tools together with Elizabeth Keogh and David Peterson. Here are the links to the tools that we presented:

You can download my slides from David and Elizabeth will probably publish their slides soon on their blogs, and

Thanks a lot to everyone who attended, and I’m really impressed that the room was almost full especially as we had to compete with the final of the Champions league. As more than half of the people were at the previous agile testing events as well, it seems to me that we’re creating a nice community and I hope that you’ll keep coming to future events as well. The plan for the next few months is this:

  • 23/6: Testable Software is Good Software by (David Evans and Mike Scott from SQS UK).
  • 22/7: Agile Testing: Tools and Approaches (Nathan Bain and Anand Ramdeo)
  • 26/8: Fast Track Test-Driven Development – Testify your project (David Evans and Mike Scott)

All events will be free, but up-front registration is required for capacity planning. You can sign up now for the June event at