Links and Slides from the Specifications Workshops talk at the Software Craftsmanship conference

I had a really great time yesterday at the Software Craftsmanship conference. Jason – thanks a lot for organising it and I am really looking forward to attending the conference next year as well. I was a bit surprised with the interest in my talk on Specification Workshops, especially as it was on a bonus track, added late into the programme. Thanks a lot to everyone attending, especially all those people that decided to stay and stand through the whole thing or sit on the floor once we ran out of chairs. Here are the slides and links that I mentioned in the talk:

Thought-provoking TDD exercise at the Software Craftsmanship conference

Yesterday I attended Keith Braithwaite‘s workshop titled ”TDD as if you meant it” at the Software Craftsmanship 2009 conference, and I found it truly thought provoking. At the start of the workshop I thought that the exercise is plain silly but I publicly take it back: Keith – you really taught me something yesterday and I thank you for that. Continue reading