Bug statistics are a waste of time

Lisa Crispin’s talk on defect management techniques for agile teams stirred some emotions at StarEast in early May. The idea that a team might not necessarily need a tool to track defects was, it seems, pure heresy. Luckily there were no calls to burn the witch, but many people at the conference were projecting a mix of confusion and sadness akin to a child just told that you’re taking away his favourite puppy.

Though Lisa presented cases when such tools might be useful, I’ll take a more radical approach: defect tracking tools are placebo, giving people a warm and cosy feeling that they have done something by throwing a digital coin into a fountain of wishes, while hoping for better software. Continue reading

Setting up a build pipeline in a legacy environment

At the StarEast conference in Orlando earlier this month, Kristan Vingrys, global test practice lead at Thoughtworks, presented an experience report on setting up a build pipeline in an environment with multiple development streams, 3rd party delivery teams and a mix of legacy mainframe and new code. Here are some of the interesting challenges they faced and solutions they implemented: Continue reading