Checking is not testing, testing is not checking

Today at the Oredev conference in Malmo, James Marcus Bach suggested renaming a large part of what is now called tests to checks. Bach said there is a big difference between a conscious process of questioning and evaluating a product and almost mechanical rule-based verifications. These two things are different enough that they should have different names, and bundling them under the name of “test” causes confusion. He suggested calling the former kind of work testing and latter checking. Continue reading

Upgrading agile development at From concept to production in four days

At the agile testing user group meeting yesterday in London, Hemal Kuntawala talked about development strategies and process improvements at over the last year or so. The start of his experience report reminded me very much of several teams I’ve seen over the last few years, with a process that is seemingly agile with lots of good ideas but also a ton of problems. Judging by the reactions from the audience the situation is very common in development shops today, so his success story is sure to be very encouraging to lots of people out there. Continue reading

Changing the role of test managers

During the ‘Agile Quality Management – Axiom or Oxymoron?’ talk at Agile Testing Days today in Berlin, David Evans from SQS talked about several aspects of agile development that often confuse and scare traditional test managers. One of the aspects that was particularly interesting to me is the fact that there is no test management role in agile literature. Test managers are often “afraid that they’ll disappear in a puff of logic when agile testing starts”, said Evans. Continue reading

Are agile testers different?

Lisa Crispin gave a keynote at Agile Testing Days conference in Berlin today, discussing the topic of staffing an agile team with testers, in particular whether any tester can be on an agile team or are agile testers different from the rest. Crispin and Janet Gregory interviewed a lot of testers while working on their book and found that lots of people they interviewed had similar experiences and traits. According to Crispin, an agile tester mindset is such that they: Continue reading