Links from the TDD discussion at Alt.NET UK

Here are the links to books and blog posts I mentioned today in the TDD discussion at Alt.NET Uk:

Many of these ideas are explored in more detail in my TDD in practice course, which will start from September at Skills Matter.

Thought-provoking TDD exercise at the Software Craftsmanship conference

Yesterday I attended Keith Braithwaite‘s workshop titled ”TDD as if you meant it” at the Software Craftsmanship 2009 conference, and I found it truly thought provoking. At the start of the workshop I thought that the exercise is plain silly but I publicly take it back: Keith – you really taught me something yesterday and I thank you for that. Continue reading

How to improve testability of web applications

Last week I participated in the first Openspace Coding Days in London. The event was organised as a series of ad-hoc coding workshops, and I really enjoyed it. I participated in a very interesting workshop on improving testability of web UIs, that later focused particularly on Microsoft’s new ASP.NET MVC framework. Here are a couple of conclusions we came to: Continue reading