Computer Says No

coming in Sep 2017

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Computer Says No is a book about humans caught between wrong assumptions and computer bugs. The book is currently work in progress, and will be published in Sep 2017. You can read the material so far on LeanPub.

You’ll read about what happens to people whose last name makes them invisible to computers, how a default password once caused a zombie apocalypse and why airlines sometimes give away free tickets.

The next time you bang your head against a digital wall, the stories in this book will help you understand better what’s going on, and show you where to look for problems. If nothing else, when everything seems as if you’re under a black magic spell, these stories will least allow you to see the lighter side of the binary chaos.

For people involved in software delivery, this book will help you find more empathy for people suffering for our mistakes, and build systems that are less error-prone. These stories will challenge your thinking, help you improve the lives of your users, and get their computers to more frequently say Yes.

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