Bridging the Communication Gap

published Jan 5, 2009, ISBN 978-0955683619

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Bridging the Communication Gap, published in January 2009, is a book about improving communication between customers, business analysts, developers and testers on software projects, especially by using specification by example and agile acceptance testing. These two key emerging software development practices can significantly improve the chances of success of a software project. They ensure that all project participants speak the same language, and build a shared and consistent understanding of the domain. This leads to better specifications, flushes out incorrect assumptions and ensures that functional gaps are discovered before the development starts. With these practices in place you can build software that is genuinely fit for purpose.

This book is primarily intended for product owners, business analysts, software developers and testers who want to learn about agile acceptance testing and implement it. It should also prove to be interesting to project managers working on software projects, both within the implementation team and on the customer side. It is intended both for people already working with agile processes and for people who wish to migrate to them.

Read this book to:

  • learn how to improve communication between business people and software implementation teams
  • find out how to build a shared and consistent understanding of the domain in your team
  • learn how to apply agile acceptance testing to produce software genuinely fit for purpose
  • discover how agile acceptance testing affects your work whether you are a programmer, business analyst or a tester
  • learn how to build in quality into software projects from the start, rather than control it later


Have you ever wanted a better way to communicate, clarify and satisfy business requirements? Wouldn’t it be great if those requirements evolved along with the software, always consistent and clear? And those requirements helped drive development so that we knew when we were done? With clarity, Gojko describes an elegance and effective way of achieving this with the whole team: Inventing, thinking and communicating with specific, insightful examples that also serve as acceptance tests. Rick Mugridge

Bridging the Communication Gap will not only bring you up-to-date with the latest thinking about agile acceptance testing, but also guide you as you put the ideas into practice. This book is packed with insights from Adzic’s experience in the field. David Peterson, creator of the Concordion acceptance-testing framework. Lisa Crispin

Gojko articulated the problems faced in IT industry due to communication in an excellent manner. This book makes you to realise how things are practically different and difficult than teaching theory, which is the truth everyone is going through in the industry. Gojko has found and explained innovative ways of bridging the communication gap in various different ways… QA review

“Bridging the Communication Gap” is certain to be a ‘must read’ for all those working on agile teams trying to improve the way the technical and non-technical roles interact… review

I’ve been dealing with requirements for almost 11 years now from a testing perspective and the approaches and concepts presented in Bridging the Communication Gap are the best I have seen with trying to rein in this beast. I’ve recommended it to two people I’ve taught so far and if you find you are having issues determining or delivering what the customer really wanted, I recommend it to you too. Adam Goucher

This book is a much-needed checkpoint in the on-going adventure to discover (and re-discover) how to write software effectively.[…] I will be using with book with clients and recommending it to them for future reference. A boon to the community. Keith Braithwaite

Adzic’s Bridging the Communication Gap does a brilliant job of focusing on communication within the realm of software testing. […] Bravo to Adzic for writing on a topic that hasn’t been addressed in the way it should. Clever Tester Web site review

“Bridging the communication gap” by Gojko Adzic is a much needed book on a very important topic that finally is deserving the attention it needs. This will certainly be a book that I will be recommending to other people (and in fact, I already have). Great work Gojko! Bas Vodde

As a tester, this book has been quite useful to me. It explains where the roles of other people, besides developers, fit in the agile process. I believe this is an important book and is a must-read for anyone contemplating or performing in agile development. Mark Cole for

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