Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests

published May 15, 2015, ISBN 978-0993088117

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This book is for cross-functional teams working in an iterative delivery environment, planning with user stories and testing frequently changing software under tough time pressure. This book will help you test your software better, easier and faster. Many of these ideas also help teams engage their business stakeholders better in defining key expectations and improve the quality of their software products.

The intended audience are people with a solid understanding of the basics of software testing, who are looking for ideas on how to improve their tests and testing-related activities. The ideas in this book will be useful to many different roles, including testers, analysts and developers. You will find plenty of tips on how to organise your work better so that it fits into short iterative cycles or flow-based processes, and how to help your team define and organise testing activities better.


Almost every time I turn a page, I get another idea – the authors have captured simplicity at its best. They explain the idea, the benefits and how to make it work with in the 2 page spread. For books like this, I like the hard copy because I can see it all at once. This is a book I will refer to often and definitely will recommend it my clients. Janet Gregory

I could not recommend the book more. Any serious agile tester should have this handy and get inspiration to move even further. Marcus Hammarberg

This book is for everyone on the software delivery team. If you are new to testing, you might want to learn the basics from other books first. But if you’re a test-infected team member helping to build quality into your product, this book will keep you improving your testing and your product. Lisa Crispin

This book makes you think about how you do your testing and helps you to explore ways to improve it. Recommended if you want to increase the testing skills of your professionals, or if your teams are looking for ideas to do testing more effectively. Ben Linders

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