Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your User Stories

published Oct 15, 2014, ISBN 978-0993088100

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This book will help you write better stories, spot and fix common issues, split stories so that they are smaller but still valuable, and deal with difficult stuff like crosscutting concerns, long-term effects and non-functional requirements. Above all, this book will help you achieve the promise of agile and iterative delivery: to ensure that the right stuff gets delivered through productive discussions between delivery team members and business stakeholders.

This is a book for anyone working in an iterative delivery environment, doing planning with user stories. The ideas in this book are useful both to people relatively new to user stories and those who have been working with them for years. People who work in software delivery, regardless of their role, will find plenty of tips for engaging stakeholders better and structuring iterative plans more effectively. Business stakeholders working with software teams will discover how to provide better information to their delivery groups, how to set better priorities and how to outrun the competition by achieving more with less software.


This is a book that I will recommend to every developer that has to elicit and manage requirements, whether they are user stories or not. The philosophy and the ideas contained in the book have value that goes far behind Agile software development. Methods and Tools Magazine

In my opinion, this is a much needed book. I spend a lot of my time talking about testability of stories, and Gojko and David have given us many ideas about making our user stories more testable. Janet Gregory

It’s not just a book of tips for improving your user stories. It’s fifty ways to help your customers identify the business value they need, and deliver a thin slice of that value to get feedback and continue to build it to achieve business goals. It’s a catalog of proven practices that guides you in learning the ones you want to try. Lisa Crispin

Gojko and David’s book is chock full of practical, wise advice and ideas that reflect the author’s extensive experience working with agile teams. Ellen Gottesdiener

This is a must-read book for everyone working with User Stories - and that means pretty much anyone that’s working with any agile method. Seb Rose

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