If you’re looking for a good way to introduce impact mapping to your company/clients/at a public training workshop, you can now use the materials from my battle-tested workshop - I’ve just opensourced it.

All the materials (facilitation guide, slides, exercise materials and handouts) are now available on GitHub. The materials are completely free to use any way you like, under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. Get them from:


My goal with this is to help others spread the word easily. The exercises in this workshop lead the participants through the most important concepts and have quite a few gotchas and learning twists, so together they make a nice, fun and engaging learning experience. If you attended one of the product owner survival camps, you most likely experienced it from the audience. Now you can take it and use in your materials to put the others through the same experience.

I’ve been doing this workshop for a few years now, and by my count slightly more than 2000 people went through some variant of this workshop, so it’s relatively solid. It’s suitable for groups of up to 30-40 participants, but can also be organised with much larger groups, and works well either as a half-day or a full-day session.

As this is the first time I’m trying to make the materials available in such way, it would be great to get some feedback from the community on how to improve the directions (especially the facilitation guide). If there are parts that are unclear, or confusing, please submit an issue on GitHub. Also, if you feel that something crucial is missing from the guide, please suggest what else would help you run this workshop on your own.